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Swimming offers an excellent means for a better development of a child. in order for everyone to learn how to swim, the child has to adapt in the Aquatic Environment and it is far different from the Earth Environment. Initially a Human Being is generated  in a Aquatic Environment inside the mother’s belly, but after birth it begins to have perception and to receive stimuli over the Earth’s Environment, in this way the infant begins to slowly forget the Aquatic Environment, where he/she was first generated.

The child, when getting in touch with the Aquatic Environment, will realize that it is a difficult environment to move, balance and breathe in water, he/she will then realize that if you lose your balance you have nothing to “grab” and the perception of having water in the eyes, ears, nose and mouth is not normal. The earlier the child initiates the Aquatic Adaptation earlier, the child will be predisposed to begin the process of learning Swimming techniques.


Coach Ricardo Ferreira

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