Fury Fitness Gym is Now Open!

Fury Fitness is a joint initiative by Elite Swim Team and Doubledare to tackle and get rid of the epidemic of childhood obesity and to build the next generation of super athletes.

Fury Fitness Gym was born to elevate the sport standard and push the envelope of what it means to perform and be a super athlete.

Providing your children with the opportunity to grow at their own rate and gain physical and emotional confidence through a curriculum created by our highly-trained coaches in a safe and child-friendly gym environment. Regular engagement with other youngsters fosters flexibility and adaptation, which will help them succeed in their athletic endeavors. As children grow their physical capability, independence and self-discipline, they will gain a better understanding of themselves, which will boost their self-confidence. A child who is confident in himself or herself gets a head start on the road to be a super athlete.
Fury Fitness Gym is located inside Kuwait Disabled Sports Club, Al Maghreb Road along Bin Khaldoun Street. DAYS & TIME SCHEDULE IS NOW AVAILABLE. PLEASE CALL OR WHATSAPP 515-53080 TO CHECK THE AVAILABILITY SUITABLE FOR YOUR KIDS.
Parents can Download the Fury Fitness Parent’s Guide here.


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