Here are our Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the Starting Age? A: 6 months old ( Baby Class ) and 3 yrs old (for Learn to Swim Level )

Q:  What is the duration of each swimming lesson? A: For the regular programs Each lesson is 55 minutes, which includes 5 minutes for their playtime as it is essential to keep children motivated in learning every day. For our Baby Classes the duration is only 30 minutes.

Q:  How many classes can I attend per week? A: We have classes every day, however, we only allow each swimmer to have their lessons twice per week for learn to swim program.

Q:  How many swimmers are there in each class?? A: We have a maximum of 6 swimmers (per coach), to ensure the focus and quality of each curriculum.

Q: What are the levels of Learn to Swim program? A: Our learn to Swim Program have 3 Levels

  1.  Level 1 – Basic Water Adaptation
  2.  Level 2 – Floating and Kicking
  3. Level 3 – Freestyle and Backstroke.

Q: How long will it be before my child learns to swim? A: The child’s ability to learn is based on their individual development in addition to time spent working on skills before or after the swimming lessons.

Q: How do I join Elite Swim Team? A: Choose the Location of your choice (based on your country) and contact its administrator to schedule an assessment (swim test) for your child before the registration.

Q: How much is the cost/service fee? A: Below are the following fees for our Elite Swim Team swimming programs:

  1. Baby Class – 160 KWD (Monthly) for 8 Sessions
  2. Learn to Swim – 80 KWD (Monthly) for 8 Sessions
  3. Pre Development – 95 KWD (Monthly) & 210 KWD (3 Months) for 12 Sessions
  4. Development B – 95 KWD (Monthly) & 225 KWD (3 Months) for 12 Sessions (Monthly)
  5. Development A – 225 KWD (3 Months) for 72 Sessions
  6. Men’s Class – 80 KWD (Monthly) for 8 Sessions
  7. Ladies’ Class – 80 KWD (Monthly) for 8 Sessions

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