Asian Open Water Championship 2019


Elite Swim Team Kuwait is proud to be the official event organizer of the 9th Asian Open Water Championship.

The 9th Asian Open Water Championship is an International swimming event that was certified and approved by FINA and the Asian Swimming Federation held in Marina Beach , Salmiya Kuwait with over 16 participating countries.

Kuwait ( Host Country ), Japan, U.A.E, Chinese Taipei, India, Oman, Kazakstan, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Qatar, Hong-kong, Tunisia, Algeria & Morocco

Theme of the event was inspired by Kuwait’s nature and beauty

Elite Coordinating team as we take a pose on our last day

Kuwait Swimming Federation Officials, FINA staffs, Kuwait Navy Coast Guards with the Elite Managing Team.

Special thanks to Kuwait Swimming Federation for giving us the opportunity and the pleasure to organize this amazing event.


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